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Jacksonville Legal Separation AttorneyOftentimes a couple desires to legally separate before making the final step of divorcing. However, Florida law doesn’t recognize legal separations. It is one of eight states in America that doesn’t permit them. Alternatively, Florida offers several different state laws to address couples in this circumstance. Some of these laws cover child support during a couples’ marital separation as well as the right to create an agreement covering the terms of a marital separation. Although these changes in a couples’ family structure are recognized and enforced by Florida law while they’re living apart, Florida doesn’t recognize the couple as legally separated. A Jacksonville legal separation lawyer is imperative at this time.

Separation vs. Divorce in Florida

There are several reasons why a couple may choose to separate as opposed to divorce. One of our attorneys at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. can sit down with you and go over the specifics of your situation and help you to determine what the best answer is for your family. Some reasons people decide to stay married but separate are:

  • Financial Concerns: Benefits of pension or social security from a legal marriage or the ability to file taxes jointly
  • Health Insurance: One party furnishes health insurance for their spouse
  • Marriage Counseling: A couple wants to work on their marriage while living apart.
  • Religious Obligations: Being morally opposed to divorcing but desiring separate lives

Once Separation is Chosen

Taking advantage of Florida’s separation laws provide very similar arrangements for a separation and a divorce. Some of these arrangements are established financial support for the children, alimony issues, and determining how to divide debts and assets maintained by the couple. The differences these laws assign to each scenario is in a divorce, Florida recognizes the couple’s marriage as officially terminated. A couple that is separated is still married in Florida but the laws described above change their circumstances as if they were divorced.

Just as a couple looks to an attorney to guide them through the divorce process, the same standard should be sought by a couple looking to separate. Although Florida courts don’t recognize a legal separation, the many changes to your family structure are recorded and enforced by law. Therefore, it’s imperative that an attorney advocate for your rights when determining these changes. We thoroughly understand this process, within the bounds of a separation, and have had years of experience helping clients in your exact situation. We will help you to work out custodial, financial, and property agreements with your spouse and make sure that they’re clearly defined.

The Separation Agreement

Once you’ve decided the terms of your new familial structure, our office will draw up and file these decisions with the court through a Separation Document. This is legally binding contract, which both spouses sign, and addresses the details and changes that are desired by each spouse. This agreement is detailed and requires an experienced hand to draft it. The Jacksonville Divorce Attorneys with this experience are found at the Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. We have filed such documents in Florida courts over and over again and are familiar with the court’s requirements and staff.

Child Custody in a Separation

Determining child custody in a separation requires the same scrutiny and dedication needed in a legal divorce setting. Aspects such as child support and the primary residence must be hashed out between the two parties. Then a legally binding agreement must be agreed upon and filed in a Florida family court. This court then decides visitation and custody rights for each parent. The court looks at several factors when deciding the arrangement. Some of these include the work schedule of each parent, the ages and needs of the children, and how many children are involved. The guidance of a Jacksonville legal separation lawyer can assure a parent that every matter regarding custody is decided upon and that the rights and desires of the represented parent are vigorously sought after.

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Our office can be the helping hand you and your children need to make the process a smooth and successful one. In case a divorce is decided upon in the coming years, the custody agreement will be re-evaluated through mediation.  Negotiating and advocating the equitable division of property and navigating issues such as child custody and child support during a legal separation and after a divorce can be complex and may require extensive analysis. The Jacksonville Legal Separation attorneys at the Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. have the financial experience, knowledge and compassion to ensure that your the interests of your family are protected.