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Jacksonville Child Custody AttorneyOne of the hardest aspects of divorce is going through the process of child custody. A child going through a parent’s separation and subsequent divorce is usually under duress and in need of a comforting consistency when it comes to time with each parent. This end is usually very hard to achieve from two parents who may have animosity between them. For this reason, the assistance and direction of an attorney is paramount. Contact a Jacksonville child custody lawyer who has several years of experience helping families achieve peaceful and fair custody agreements.

Understanding Child Custody

There are two components to child custody. The first is Time-Sharing, which refers to the number of overnights annually that parents physically have with their child. The second element to custody is Parental Responsibility, which entails a parent’s right to make decisions for their child. Parental Responsibility can be shared, sole or ultimate only related to certain aspects of a child’s life.

Time-Sharing – Determining where one’s children will live can also limit the time the other parent has with that child. For this reason, determining Time-Sharing can be the most contentious and traumatic parts of the divorce process.

Parental Responsibility refers to a parent’s decision-making rights regarding their child’s schooling, physical health, and general welfare. There is a presumption under Florida law that shared Parental Responsibility is best for children, absent domestic violence between the parents.

It’s customary for the Florida family law courts to name one parent as the majority Time-Sharing parent, while the other parent is given a Time-Sharing schedule. There are also situations where the court grants both parents equal Time-Sharing and shared Parental Responsibility, giving equal and ample access to the children.  Usually both parents are granted legal custody, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Even if a parent is not awarded majority Time-Sharing, many times they will be granted shared Parental Responsibility.

Sound confusing? It’s a complicated process with many different parts. The attorneys at The Law Office A. Sam Jubran, P.A. can explain each step to you and guide you through the process, keeping your needs as our first priority.

What Determines Conclusions of Custody

The one phrase that sums up the standard in reaching custody orders is “What is in the best interest of the child?” Florida is one of many states that decides visitation and custody of a child with this question in mind.  The Jacksonville Divorce Attorney that you can trust to understand the court’s varied criterion is The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A.

A state’s laws and statutes also play a big part in determining custody. The attorneys at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. have ample experience working within the Jacksonville family court system. We understand these laws and statutes and can educate you on their meaning and importance.

Some other factors that judges use to determine custody are:

  • The child’s upbringing and each parent’s involvement in the child’s well being
  • The parent’s circumstances, going forward, after the divorce is final
  • The personality or behavior patterns of each parent
  • The child’s desires- what does the child want to do?

Preparing for the Custody Determination Process

The most difficult part about this process is the emotional pressure you’re under. It can make the decision-making process much more difficult. But this is the time period where your actions will be most scrupulously observed and recorded. And your behavior will be a key factor in assigning child custody. It’s at this time, more than ever, that you need an attorney to direct you and advise you on which actions to take.

The first part of advice that we give to our clients is to document everything. A court process is a fact-driven one and proof of your claims must be presented.

As previously mentioned, your behavior will be scrutinized, so unreasonable and antagonistic behavior may have an extremely damaging effect on your case.  Be aware of your actions throughout the process.

Maintain a regular schedule with your children in whom you play a part, in their schooling, health, and hobbies. Demonstrate that you encourage a relationship with their other parent and facilitate this time with your child. A regular sleep schedule, a safe home, and adequate belongings for your child should be maintained.

You need a Jacksonville child custody lawyer who can help you organize your life to meet these requirements. We can also help in determining child support issues and establishing a child support agreement.

How the Process Works

The first step the courts will take is to establish a parenting plan for each parent. It’s a document that is included in the final judgment. This outlines the schedule and habits that each parent will maintain when they have their child. It’s important to garner advantageous and feasible results while the parenting plan is being decided. If there’s a change in a parent’s circumstances, the parenting plan can be modified through petition to the court.

Experienced Jacksonville Child Custody Lawyer

The attorneys at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. have a myriad of experience working with families to determine child custody. Trust a Jacksonville child custody lawyer to fight for the results you desire.