Jacksonville Family Law Attorney

Jacksonville family law attorneyIf you are facing a legal issue involving your family, a skilled Jacksonville family law attorney can help you navigate the complex legal process ahead. When dealing with a legal matter that may greatly impact your future, you need someone by your side who has experience with similar situations. At the Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, we are knowledgeable about an array of family law issues. We will listen to your story and help you achieve your goals. Call us today at (904) 360-6100.

Types of Cases We Handle

Family law matters can be complex. They often involve children, parents, spouses, and people with close relationships. Those relationships can become strained, so it’s important to work with an attorney who will manage your case quickly and efficiently. We understand the desire to help multiple parties, and we will work to find solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

Our Jacksonville family law attorney can help you with an array of issues, including:


One of the most confusing and upsetting things a person will endure is divorce from someone they thought was a partner. You may need to consider spousal support / alimony, division of property, marital debts, and other matters. We can help you understand your situation and seek the best outcome in your case.


Instead of dissolving your marriage, an annulment can establish that your marriage never existed. Benefits can include avoiding division of marital property, retaining insurance and retirement benefits, and adhering to religious creeds. The process can be more costly and difficult than the divorce process; therefore, it’s important to seek the help of an experienced Jacksonville family law attorney.

Legal Separation

Florida law does not recognize legal separations; however, you can still create an agreement that covers issues during your marital separation. You may want to address spousal support, child support, visitation, custody, and more.

Dissolution of Marriage

If you want to dissolve your marriage, you need a Jacksonville family law attorney who will help you draft and file necessary paperwork that suits your wants and needs. We understand that your situation is complex, and we will guide you through the process of marriage dissolution.

Premarital Agreements

Premarital agreements, such as prenups, are important even if you do not have a considerable amount of assets. You may need to establish precedent for your business, debts, children, or other issues. Our Jacksonville family law attorney can help you develop a premarital agreement that meets your needs or enforce one if you separate from your spouse.

Child Custody

Temporary and permanent child custody matters may require multiple hearings and can take a significant amount of time. We can help you establish a child custody situation that benefits you and your children.

Child Support

Children deserve the support of both parents, both emotionally and financially. However, separation of support matters should be fair. Our understanding Jacksonville family law attorney can help you achieve an acceptable child support situation for you and your children.

Paternity Issues

Whether you need to establish paternity or disestablish paternity based on new evidence, we can help you obtain the necessary information to present to the court in your case.

Father’s Rights

Mothers and fathers both have equal rights when dealing with visitation, custody, and support. However, society often favors mothers. We will make sure your parental rights are respected throughout the divorce process.

Modification of Judgments

People change and so do circumstances. Sometimes the judgments made in your family law case need to be modified due to a change in circumstances. We can help you obtain a modification of judgement in your child support, child custody, alimony, or other family law matter.

Family Court Process in Jacksonville

Family law issues in Jacksonville are typically heard in the Family Law Department of the Duval County Court. Each court has specific rules and individual judges have preferences in their courtrooms. It’s important to obtain the help of a Jacksonville family law attorney who is familiar with the jurisdiction, or geographic area, where your case is being heard.

Our Jacksonville family law attorney has helped thousands of clients navigate family courts in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. We know how to effectively complete necessary court forms and develop arguments to support your case. We will make sure you are prepared for the family court process and guide you through step by step.

A Jacksonville Family Law Attorney Can Help You

We have compassion for you and are empathetic to your story. Our accomplished family lawyers will put themselves in your shoes and help you understand your legal options. We will work as a team to achieve your goals. Call the Law Office of A. Sam Jubran at (904) 360-6100 today to find out how we can help you.