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The Matter of Child Support

Child Support Attorney JacksonvilleDuring a divorce, a person often goes from financially contributing to a family’s welfare with the help of their spouse to being the sole wage earner. This can naturally cause immense stress and uncertainty for the future. A spouse often needs the matter of child support to be tackled as soon as possible. At The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A., a Jacksonville Child Support Lawyer will have experienced several different scenarios and garnered varied outcomes in child support matters. Trust that this understanding can also help you in yours.

The Process of Deciding Support

The parent with the bulk of time with their child will usually receive child support. The amount of support is computed using the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. This factors in the individual’s income, the percent of the time they have their children, insurance costs, daycare, and medical expenses. A statutory formula takes these factors and produces a monetary amount.

Other work that the court expects each spouse to produce is formal financial disclosure and a financial affidavit.

As a spouse’s percentage of time with their child increases, the less they will be required to pay in child support. Of course, there are exceptions.

You’ll need an experienced Jacksonville child support lawyer to guide you through this complicated process. Count on our office to be that expert.

The Final Results of the Child Support Endeavor

The determination of support can often run smoothly and quickly if both parties produce financial discovery answers quickly. The use of the Guidelines Worksheet and it’s equation can produce an objective result. If both parties can cooperate, the process can resolve without a lot of contentious back-and-forth. This is our aim as your Jacksonville child support lawyer. The financial discovery process can be intricate and confusing. We have experience obtaining quick and positive experiences for our clients in determining child support.

Once the monetary amounts are decided, our office will prepare the case for finalization and obtain a final order from the court. Although unlikely, it may be impossible to come to an agreement with the opposing party. In such a circumstance, the child custody case must be tried and the court will need to come to a judicial decision on the case. The attorneys at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. have worked in the family courts for years and are familiar with the judges and other administrators there. We are confident within the judicial system and can walk you through this important event.

Modification of a Child Support Order

It’s very likely that your circumstances can change, financial or otherwise, requiring that the child support agreement be altered. The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran , P.A. is the trusted leader in the Jacksonville area to obtain concise, prompt, and advantageous results in modification of child support.

There are many different reasons that a child support order must be modified, including:

  • A significant change in a spouse’s time with their child
  • A change in a spouse’s income
  • The original order hasn’t been reviewed in three years
  • The needs of the child have lessened (usually with age)
  • Disability of either parent
  • Persistent illness

With the changes in a child or parent’s life, the matter of support becomes increasingly important to maintain consistency. Our office has your well-being and security in mind when modifying a child support order. You can trust that we’ll make this transition as smooth as possible.

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