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Jacksonville Step-Parent Adoption AttorneyAfter a divorce, some parents go on to re-marry with hopes of maintaining a traditional family life they had hoped for in the first place. Sometimes, a parent goes astray from their child or children for work, leisure or some other personal reason. Sometimes that parent is simply otherwise incapable of providing the love and support necessary for properly raising his or her child or children.  Research indicates that children who grew up in a healthy, stable and loving home environment grew to become more well-adjusted as compared to children who were raised in an unhealthy home environment. To provide the right support for these children, contact a Jacksonville step-parent adoption lawyer right away to fight for your rights.

Step-parents commonly assume the role of a parent. Often the step-parent and step-children will form bonds that are stronger and more beneficial for the children than the bonds the children formed with the absent parent.

Benefits of Step-Parent Adoption

Step-parent adoption is the best solution for solidifying a strong bond between a child and their step-parent, and for filling the void of the absent parent in some case.

Here are five benefits to step-parent adoption.

  1. Step-parent adoption grants the step-parent all the rights and responsibilities of a biological parent. The law treats biological and adopted children the same.
  2. Step-parent adoption results in the termination of the parental rights of the biological parent thereby substituting the absent biological parent with a loving step-parent.
  3. Step-parent adoption guarantees enforceable parental rights to the adoptive parent for parenting and time-sharing in the event of subsequent dissolution of marriage.
  4. By granting legal recognition to the bond between the step-parent and step-child, step-parent adoption eases inheritance and other legal issues that may later arise regarding the relationship between the step-parent and the step-child.
  5. Step-parent adoption brings unity to the family by offering the ability to apply a common surname to all children in the household.

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Step Parent Eligibility

When compared to many other states, Florida has a more simplified step-parent adoption process, but there is still a quagmire of procedures to follow and potential issues that may arise regarding eligibility. Contacting a Jacksonville step-parent adoption attorney can facilitate navigating the complicated adoption procedure and eligibility requirements. If you have any questions regarding step-parent adoption, call Sam Jubran today at (904) 360-6100.

Once the determination is made that the step-parent is eligible for step-parent adoption, a lengthy, detail-oriented procedure must be followed to complete the process.  A final hearing will be required.  To start the process it is best to obtain the consent of the biological parent.  Once the consent is obtained, then a formal petition must be filed with the circuit court together with the supporting affidavits required under state and Federal law.  The petition for step-parent adoption lists relevant information regarding the step-child, the relationship between the step-child and step-parent, and justifications for permitting such an adoption.

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It is best to consult an experienced Jacksonville step-parent adoption lawyer if you are considering petitioning the court for step-parent adoption. When you need help with family law, choose an experienced attorney who cares about you and your family. Contact us today.